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There are many consulting firms operating in the same field and they are very competitive. Any potential customer will have to decide who they can trust with the implementation. Nothing speaks better about a consultant's performance than a word from clients.


Client success stories



'I have had the good fortune to have worked with Max Iakouchev on the largest integrated Parking Revenue and Control System (PARCS) contract in US history.

The client was the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) and the locations of the parking facilities were across 4 of their largest airports, namely JFK International Airport, Newark International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Stewart International Airport. The client's Business intelligence (Bi) tool of choice is the Cognos suite of products including TM1. Max was responsible for the design, documentation, build and delivery of the analytical component of the Business Intelligence solution for PARCS information analysis using TMI cubes. Max’s rapid grasp of the parking business, parking equipment and operational environment ensured that the TM1 solution delivered was both comprehensive and fit for purpose. The solution delivered scalable TM1 cubes that could be used for Parking analysis of individual airports or consolidated across all 4. The documentation provided by Max throughout his involvement in the project was always of the highest standard, comprehensive and readily understandable by both business and technical project stakeholders. This included strategy, schedules, business specifications, technical specifications and operational & maintenance documents.

Max’s technical skills in TM1, his general knowledge and business acumen enabled him to deliver quality products, Max works both as self-directed professional and a collaborative team member. His ability to estimate work timelines and deliver to these estimates were of benefit to the overall project planning, management and successful project delivery.'

Michele Farr / Director / Farreach Enterprises / August 2019


Cambridge University Press

'Cambridge University Press implemented TM1 around 2010. About six years ago we brought Max in to review the existing TM1 applications with a view to improve the performance of the cubes in terms of speed and also to look at enhancing and further develop the existing cubes for forecasting, analysis and reporting. Max started with limited knowledge of publishing industry. This was an advantage rather than an impediment. He was quick to pick up knowledge and understanding of the publishing business and what we were looking for. Max came up with fresh ideas which he implemented. The results speaks for itself. The solutions offered by Max was robust, fast and met the needs of the business. Even though Max now lives overseas Cambridge University Press has continued to use Max’s services on the TM1 application in Australia. Being overseas is not a dis-advantage as Max is always responsive to our needs wherever he is.

Max’s work ethics, standards and reliability is of the highest order. He delivers on time every time. He is definitely the best TM1 consultant in the market and I would thoroughly recommend Max to any organisation without hesitation.'

Michael Ricketts / Finance Director / Cambridge University Press / July 2018


Cornerstone Consulting

'Had the pleasure of collaborating with Max on one of the larger scale TM1 implementations: it was very long, covered many areas, had intertwined data integration and was painstakingly complicated in some calculations, so you name it, we probably had it all there.

You need outstanding partners to embark on such crusades, so we were fortunate that Max was with us. He was very approachable despite the vast time differences at some points in the project, crystal clear in his communications, very precise with his estimations and impeccable with delivery. Some bits of the system definitely wouldn't be delivered to the same standard without Max's original ideas.

It was an enriching experience, and I would recommend getting him on-board if you get a chance, he can right almost any ship!'

Yuri Kudryavcev / Principal Consultant / Cornerstone Performance Management Australia / March 2018


Frasers Property

'Implementing a successful forecasting solution is heavily dependent on getting the right consultants on the job. Max is by far the best Cognos Planning and TM1 consultant we have used. Not only is he a first class developer, he can also deal directly with our business users, understand requirements and suggest alternative solutions. Max’s accounting background was invaluable to our implementations as we needed to turn basic forecast inputs into forecast financial statements.

Max’s most recently worked with us in conjunction with Cornerstone to migrate our Cognos Planning forecasting solution onto TM1. Max did most of the work for us remotely (from London), but this didn’t affect his productivity at all. He is always a pleasure to work with and is very flexible with his time. He also worked very well with the other consultants from Cornerstone, often guiding them on design challenges.

At Frasers we take pride in our robust processes that deliver detailed forecasts across the entire business and the TM1 capability facilitates this. I’d be more than happy to recommend Max and am happy to give further information as required.'

Andrew Brown / BI Manager / Frasers Property Australia / January 2018


Altis UK

'I have known Max since working alongside him at Cognos in Sydney in 2004. Max now supplies specialist TM1 Services to the UK Office of Altis Consulting that I run. Whenever I have a client that needs TM1 assistance, Max is my first port of call; he works well with my clients - helping to understand their issues and provide them with a working solution that meets their needs. From my perspective Max is a trusted pair of hands - I know that he will run the work professionally and keep me and the client fully informed.'

Peter Hopwood / UK Country Manager / Altis Consulting / January 2018



'Max was engaged by JT International to develop and support the implementation of TM1 as a Corporate Performance Management model, a solution which has led to a significant improvement in the overall efficiency & effectiveness of the Strategic Planning & Reporting process across the Global FP&A group (150+ Markets). From the time that Max started with the company, I was impressed with his drive, determination, and tenacity and I am pleased to say that Max exceeded our expectations particularly around development speed, quality & creativity. In particular, I was very impressed with the way Max carried out his work, from requirements analysis to implementation and post-production support. His understanding of business requirements was always complete and frequently offered alternative options for evaluation. Max is also an excellent team player and interacted extremely well with different types of people (technical peers, supervisors, end users, etc.). In closing, I trust Max implicitly because quite frankly, he's never let me down. His unique combination of functional, business and technical skills allowed him to contribute in ways that others could not and was therefore without a doubt a tremendous contributor to the success of the TM1 implementation in JTI. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Max and am I happy to provide further information as required.'

Fran Perez / Global FP&A Projects & Systems Director / JT International / March 2016



'Max provided development support to Pattonair between late 2012 and early 2014. Initially, he was engaged to assist with the development of payroll reporting but his outstanding ability to listen and guide us on cube development and then to quickly turn the specification into a reality meant that Max was rapidly deployed to help build a complete forecasting suite encompassing sales and margin, costs, balance sheet and cashflow cubes. Some cubes pushed the boundaries of TM1 to the limit, especially our inventory cube by part, but Max still achieved this and kept the cube efficient and fast. To pull data from Cognos Controller into TM1, Max studied and replaced the FAP interface with a simple TI process. In addition he built some really useful drill down functionality from TM1 into a SQL database so that at a click of a button we could look behind a number. Overall, I would highly recommend Max to anyone wishing to implement TM1.'

Andrew Piper / Commercial Finance / Pattonair Derby UK / May 2014



'Max Iakouchev was engaged by Deloitte Australia to migrate the management allocation model from Cognos Enterprise Planning into TM1. Max is simply from the ‘top draw’ of consultants operating in the Cognos Planning & TM1 space. He has the rare talent of being able to combine his strong commercial acumen with sound technical & communication skills. Max has a sound understanding of both Financial & Operational business concepts and is able to translate these into elegant & robust business solutions. His ability to think laterally and challenge business requirements to provide an optimal solution is second to none. Max isn’t simply interested in coming in and churning out a solution without thought or question. Max is extremely quick to pick up on what the business requirements and issues are and utilises his extensive experience to articulate, design & build the solution with virtuosity. This to me is the differentiating factor between a contractor and a consultant. I would not hesitate to use Max’s services again, & in fact we did. Max wrote the previous management allocations at Deloitte in Cognos Enterprise Planning & we were fortunate to be able to engage his services to transform this into TM1. The result speaks for itself. Allocations in less than 1 minute with administrative simplicity. Max is the consultant of choice & I cannot recommend his work highly enough. '

Chris Hodge / National Finance / Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu / April 2012



'The Qantas Freight BI Improvements project consisted of a Cognos BI and TM1 solution. Max was responsible for the development of the TM1 solution. The TM1 solution required data from the Freight Data Warehouse and hence required a number of integration processes. As the project progressed, requirements were changing and so was the design. These constant changes were met by Max's efficient, flexible and agile approach. His design and documentation were sound, and his development and solution exhibited excellent performance. He additionally conducted testing activities and was prompt in his responses to support calls post implementation whereby he recommended a number of hotfixes and liaised with IBM and the client.'

Amir Zaki / Altis Consulting Pty Ltd / November 2011



'Max was engaged by VHA between 2009 and 2011 as the lead technical expert in the development and maintenance of the IBM Cognos Planning solution at VHA, a system used to model and report company-wide Budgets and Forecasts. During a period of rapid change for VHA in the post-merger environment, Max’s depth of technical knowledge and experience with Cognos was a tremendous asset to VHA. Max developed a series of new reports to accommodate a new Chart of Accounts. He built new functionality in our core Revenue models, as well as simplifying our cube structure and design to enhance performance. He also handled the ongoing maintenance, access, archiving and other routine system support functions required of Cognos. Max’s excellent technical skill was coupled with the ability to interpret business needs into system requirements and work effectively with both technical and business partners. I highly recommend him.'

Clare Jeffries / Head of Financial Planning / July 2011



'Max was engaged by the University to assist with the implementation of IBM COGNOS TM1 Budgeting. Max was the lead consultant and brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to a very complex project. Max was able to identify and clearly interpret the business requirements particularly with respect to Employee Salary Budgeting. As the business requirements changed significantly throughout the project, Max quickly redesigned the necessary cubes to meet the new requirements and identified issues that impacted on performance and workflows. As would be expected Max is a master at his art and was a valuable member of the project team. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Max for further engagements and am happy to provide further information as required.'

Ken Dysart / Interim Director of Finance / September 2009



'Our organisation implemented Cognos EP some 4 years ago. We thought we’d hit the data combination limitations of the tool until Max reviewed our cube structure and design. A small investment in consulting time has delivered us a huge return on investment and significant business & system efficiencies. Max achieved 75% sizing and runtime improvements in some of our applications. We are now leveraging off our initial investment in Cognos EP and plan to build upon the tool to streamline and structure our forecasting cycles and the best thing is all data is housed together for effective analysis and reporting.'

Sharon Allen / Manager, Financial Services Unit / July 2009



'We implemented Cognos Planning across the organisation to enhance our forecasting capability and to leverage our existing COGNOS Business Intelligence software. Nine complex modules were built to facilitate the collection and analysis of forecast data and reporting thereon. Max was an indispensable asset during the application selection process and during both the detailed design and build stages of the project. We realised the success of the project was dependent on having the best technical resources who could translate business processes into reality. In our opinion, Max is without question the best COGNOS Planning resource in Australia. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other organisations.'

Andrew Gay / General Manager Finance / February 2009



'I have been fortunate enough to work with Max on two COGNOS Planning projects. On both occasions he provided us with innovative solutions to our problems which were implemented on time and on budget with detailed documentation provided to us. I am looking forward to working with Max on future projects. I am happy to recommend Max for any Cognos Planning project.'

Ramon Bennetts / Shriro Australia / January 2009



'Having implemented COGNOS Planning at Panasonic, immediate benefits for the organization have been recognized. There have been considerable improvements in data collection, efficiency and accuracy leading to the increase in productivity. All users of the system use WEB browser to enter and manipulate data concurrently noting substantial improvement in speed and performance over the old system. All results are consolidated for the entire organization online and are available for reporting and analysis. No time spent on data aggregation. There is no double entry. In some instances, it used to take us more than a week to change data and prepare reports, now it takes around 15 minutes from data entry to various allocations and generating management reports. Product functionalities have been specifically tailored to our needs.

By spending less time to enter data, users can now spend more time analyzing it, so the quality of data is also improved.'

Fuzi Abdullah / Panasonic Malaysia / December 2008

more success stories to come soon

Media Articles


The following article Planning makes nightmare run like a dream was published in The Australian newspaper upon the successful implementation of the Cognos Enterprise Planning solution at Orix Australia. The project has been managed by Cognos. I designed the solution and was responsible for quality assurance and troubleshooting throughout the implementation. The article gives valuable insight into the implementation and the results it delivered. Follow this link to the article.